Organic wines

Paxton vineyards Certified Organic & Biodynamic wines from one of the pioneers of Australian biodynamic wines.

Enoteca Thailand is proud to bring you one of the finest selections of global wines sourced through our strong international brand partnerships. Our focus is on family-owned estates who adopt organic, biodynamic and sustainable practices,

Much has been written about organic farming over the decades and the wine industry has contributed considerably to the dialogue. As we become increasingly more health conscious and environmentally aware, the demand for organic food and beverage products has soared. There has been a noticeable increase in consumer pull for organic wine over the last decade, met with energetic push from wine producers and education from the wine importers, distributors, retailers, and sommeliers.

Organic wines of the past.

Firstly, let us recognize that the organic wines produced in the late 80’s and 90’s were considered poor quality against the traditionally made wines. The non-use of sulfur dioxide (SO2) was the biggest culprit, often rendering wines unclean and suitable only for the small number of niche followers. Consumers who experienced organic wines from 40 years ago can be forgiven for having negative sentiment.

Organic certification in some countries these days allows for strictly regulated amounts of SO2, mostly at the time of bottling and from our experience, the wines are super clean and vibrant with no signs of faults.

Simplifying Organics

Organic farming is straight forward. However, the specific country or regional regulations defining the certification can be a minefield. So, let’s not go there right now. Let’s say that a certified organic wine must come from 100% organic grapes without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides.

Organic practices leads to wine quality.

Organic grape growing focuses on producing a healthy, more self-sufficient vine, which can withstand pests and feed itself naturally. Developing a healthy soil, a balanced ecosystem within the vineyard and allowing the earth and the natural elements to be expressed in the final wine really encapsulates the idea of organic grape farming. Farmers and winemakers who have a strong respect for the health of the earth and for the natural textures in the wine, we believe, deliver the best quality in the glass.

Enoteca Organic wine recommendations.

Huia Vineyards – Marlborough New Zealand

Certified Organic & Biodynamic wines with pedigree. Elegant whites with restraint and complex, layered Pinot Noirs.

Paxton Vineyards – McLaren Vale Australia

Certified Organic & Biodynamic wines from one of the pioneers of Australian biodynamic wines. Medium to full bodied reds with purity of fruit and seamless tannins.

Le Ragnaie – Montalcino, Tuscany Italy

Certified organic Brunello di Montalcino producer with somewhat of a cult following. Nicknamed the Burgundy of Brunello for producing elegant wines with superior texture.

Chateau de Saint-Cosme – Gigondas, Rhone Valley France

Certified practices from an absolute artisan making outstanding Syrah and Grenache wines of great complexity and balance. One of the best value Cotes du Rhone reds on the market and some incredibly elegant single vineyard Gigondas wines.

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